Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What exactly,does a wedding planner do??

In, general a wedding planner can provide the following services:

Listen carefully from the very beginning to learn your wedding vision, and then be your advocate for realizing your dream in the best way possible.

Help you set a budget, and help you commit to helping you stick to your budget.

Help you with venue selection.

Help you select reputable suppliers, and vendors, such as florist, the caterer, photographer, videographer; advise you on vendor contracts and handle any negotiations.

Coordinate communication between vendors, suppliers, and sites, so that, for example, the florist knows when and how to obtain access to the ceremony site to decorate.

Create a time line to keep everyone on schedule, both pre-wedding and on the wedding day.

Serve as referee, friend, budget adviser and watch, etiquette expert,shopper,detail manager and organizer.

Coordinate your rehearsal with officiant.

Supervise all the last-minute details of your wedding day.

What is the typical cost of a wedding planner?

You don't have to be among the wealthy to hire a wedding consultant,planner, or coordinator. Costs for a planners' services depend on what the person does for you. In general,a wedding planner who provides full service will either charge a flat hourly rate or a flat fee. A good rule is to allow 10 to 15 percent of your overall budget to be spent on the services of a wedding planner who does everything for you. Try to avoid consultants who attempt to increase their fees by adding extras or who have under-the-table agreements with suppliers and vendors. It's best to look for a consultant who provides wedding packages at fixed rates, or charges a flat fee based on services you request.

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