Thursday, September 17, 2009

Say Yes To The Dress!!!

When you are choosing your wedding dress go into this experience with an open mind, don't' be afraid to try on different styles of dresses try on as many dresses as you like until you feel that you have your perfect dress, trust me you will know when you have found your perfect dress. When you go to try on dresses you should not take too many people with you too many people equals too opinions which may distract you from finding your perfect dress; their style may be different from your style, you have to to choose what you love. Please consider your venue when choosing your dress, if you are getting married at a church or sanctuary you may not want to choose a backless dress or anything too sexy. You should set a budget for your dress and do not try on dresses outside of your budget the reason I say this is because you may find a dress you love and it will break your heart if you cannot afford it, or you may decide to purchase the dress and it could break your budget, and you don't want to do that you always want to stay within your budget that you set for yourself. My advice to all brides is try on different dresses that you love and once you feel that you found your dress.... Say Yes To The Dress!!

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