Sunday, September 5, 2010


There are 3 categories of weddings- formal, semi formal, and informal, this is based off of the location of your wedding/ reception, the size of your wedding party, your number of guest and the time of day.

The formal wedding- Ceremony is usually held in house of worship or in a large home or garden.

The bride and groom normally have 4 to 10 attendants.

The bride and her attendants wear long gowns, and the groom attendants usually wear cutaways or tail coats.

A formal reception is usually a sit-down,decorations are usually elaborate, transportation is usually in a limousines, or a fancy car, the couple normally has a band or an orchestra.

Semi formal wedding- The ceremony can take place in a house of worship, hotel,country club, a home or a garden.

The bride and groom normally has 2 to 6 wedding attendants.

For a semi formal wedding, the bride and her attendants may wear long, ballerina, or tea-length gowns, the groom and his guys may wear black suite

The reception is normally a buffet or a cocktail buffet later in the afternoon with a small band, or DJ.

Informal Wedding: The ceremony can take place in the house of worship, a chapel,in a home, garden, beach, lake, or the Justice of the Peace.

The bride and groom usually has from 1 to 3 attendants.

The bride normally wears a simple white gown, the groom normally wears a suite or slacks and the guest will wear whatever is appropriate for the location.

The reception can take place at your home, maybe go to a nice restaurant, or a back yard Bar B Q

And music normally will be a single musician, CD, ipod.

These are a few ideas to help you choose your wedding style.

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